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Jacqueline is trained in beauty, special effects, and prosthetic makeup and has been working in the beauty industry for six years. Though she began her professional makeup career in 2009, her interest in makeup started much earlier. 


As a child, Jacqueline spent hours using ketchup, coffee grounds, crushed cereal and anything she could get her hands on to create convincing fake wounds. At the time, Jacqueline's mother was a professional clown, and she encouraged her to join the Miami Clown Troop. After many years working as a clown, Jacqueline had a pretty good understanding of makeup application. She soon went off to college, where she was the go-to makeup girl for sorority galas and themed parties. 

Some years and a few 9–5 jobs later, a serendipitous drive-by of Joe Blasco Makeup Center changed everything. She enrolled immediately, taking every class available to her at the time. After graduation, Jacqueline became a teacher's aid and then a substitute teacher for the school. 


During her time as a makeup artist in Florida, Jacqueline worked on local films, assisted on numerous music videos, helped organize a local fashion show, and shot with esteemed national photographers for magazines and other editorial projects.

In 2013, she found herself on the move. Now living in Georgia, Jacqueline works with local and national photographers, cosplayers, and models doing freelance makeup throughout Atlanta.



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